Wraw for Organisations

Key benefits

·         Gain a robust measure of employee wellbeing and resilience

·         Be proactive and help minimise the risk of employee wellbeing declining

·         Help employees identify personal strategies to enable resilience and wellbeing

·         Understand individual results and how they compare to the  general population

·         Identify key pressure points or drainers in the workplace

·         Target investments in wellbeing initiatives more effectively to gain maximum return

·         Nurture and promote a culture of wellbeing and healthy high performance

Wraw for Individuals

The Wraw Individual report will help you to:

·       Build greater awareness of the early markers that your resilience may be about to dip

·      Take proactive steps to minimise the risk of your physical or mental wellbeing declining

·      Identify personal strategies which will enable resilience and wellbeing every day

·     Harness the opportunity to develop your own performance in a healthy way

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Unlocking healthy high performance with Wraw

The suite of Wraw reports

The Wraw Assessment provides a suite of reports to support individuals, teams, leaders and the whole organisation. You may choose to include one, several or all of these in your programme.

·         Wraw Individual Report – develop self-awareness and identify personal strategies to increase resilience and wellbeing

·         Wraw Team Report – gain insights into collective strengths, opportunities for development and strategies to optimise wellbeing and resilience in your team

·         Wraw Leader Report – identify key pressure points and understand to what degree individuals feel their resilience is actively supported by their line manager

·         Wraw Leaders’ Summary Report – understand how a group of leaders are currently seen to manage resilience and wellbeing and how this could be enhanced

·         Wraw Organisation Report – access a heat map of results, identify key pressure points and gain valuable insights into overall resilience and  wellbeing 



A validated and evidence-based model

Wraw is based on the 5 Pillars of Resilience, a robust model used by hundreds of leading organisations across the UK and globally. It is a highly effective framework that supports individuals, teams and leaders to strengthen and develop their personal resilience, covering thinking style, as well as physical and emotional elements. The model provides a holistic and comprehensive approach that has achieved substantial positive results for employees and their performance.